Family wildlife garden with

stream in Brockham, Surrey

The prime motive for designing this garden was to create an exciting family garden with a well designed seating area close to the house, ideal for relaxing and entertaining, a big enough lawn to play croquet and a more informal area further beyond with a wildlife zone, encouraging children’s play through various objects and planting in a natural, harmonising way. Native plants have been used where possible to create a sustainable wildlife garden. A water feature is located on the terrace area close to the house and another water feature has been created through a natural looking stream which meanders and falls alongside the wildlife planting borders. The stream leads into a small pond which has attracted all sorts of pond creatures in a short time. A wildflower meadow borders the pond and separates the formal garden from the informal. The planting consists of mainly herbaceous perennials with ornamental grasses, providing lots of colour from spring into autumn. Deciduous and evergreen shrubs cover the fence line and provide structure during the winter months in the borders.

Completion 2013

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